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Ann's diary » Archives » May 2012 » Hurrah, Vera's back!

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Tuesday, May 1st 2012 : "Hurrah, Vera's back!"

I've just the read the last diary entry and it sounds a bit breathless. The last month has been pretty frantic too, with the London Book Fair in the middle of April and then a jaunt to Scotland to meet readers. London is the huge trade fair for the publishing and book industry. It seems that everyone involved in publishing decamps to Earl's Court, to man (or woman) the glitzy stands of the big houses, to pitch new books, new ideas, new technologies, to attend talks and seminars or just to catch up with the gossip. I go mostly to meet my overseas editors and agents. It's good to meet up in person with the people who are working so hard to sell my titles in often difficult markets.

Much as I enjoy London, it was a relief to take the train north to Glasgow to meet ex-librarian Ian Baillie. I first met Ian a few years ago when he invited me to do a library event in Balloch. He seems even busier now that he's retired and had asked me back to give a lecture to the Lennox Literary Society. We also fitted in a signing at the lovely Milngavie Bookshop, trips to two branches of Waterstone's in Glasgow and several pints of local beer.

And then it was home to celebrate the return of VERA on ITV. It's always a bit nerve-wracking to wait for the first reactions of viewers, but my friends and neighbours loved it. And so, it seemed, did the rest of the country because last week's episode - Gaby Chiappe's adaptation of Silent Voices - got more viewers than anything else at that peak time on Sunday night. So if you haven't caught up with the new series yet, then give it a try!

Posted by Ann at 06:42 PM GMT

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