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Ann's diary » Archives » November 2007 » ps

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Tuesday, November 27th 2007 : "ps"

I had an email from my Swedish editor this morning to say that Thomas H Cook was announced as winner of the Martin Beck prize at the weekend. Congratulations to him. Heís a fantastic writer and itís well deserved.

Since my last entry Iíve set up meetings with two people to discuss archaeological digs. Yesterday I had a fascinating couple of hours with Dr Cathy Batt at Bradford University. The university is involved in the Shetland work at Scatness and Unst, so she understands just what I need to know. Cathy is an archaeological scientist, a physicist by training, who specialises in dating finds. She introduced me to colleagues in different fields and talking to the manager of the Scatness site it occurred to me that the role she plays is similar to that of a crime scene manager. Itís all about meticulous recording and setting objects in context.

On Friday I'm meeting Helen, a local archaeologist, and from her I hope to get more information about the hands-on experience of a dig.

Posted by Ann at 05:53 PM GMT

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