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Ann's diary » Archives » May 2006 » CSI on the common

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Monday, May 8th 2006 : "CSI on the common"

Chorleywood had its first Literature Festival this weekend. Forget the big festivals put together by professionals who spend all year planning and raising funds and sponsorship. This was down to the passion and hard work of two women and their friends. Sheryl Shurville runs the bookshop and Morag Watkins is the library manager and between them they've put together an imaginative event which has brought the community together and attracted a range of authors.

Helen Pepper, my friend and real CSI, and I went south to start off the weekend. We set up a crime scene on Chorleywood Common. There was a tent, a body and lots of people - although the common is very big and some of them got lost. Helen talked them through the scene, answered questions, then I talked about fictional crime scenes and read from RAVEN BLACK.

It was a brilliant event. It stayed fine all evening and when it got dark there was hot chocolate and hurricane lamps (and midges). Good luck for the rest of the festival. And for next year...

Posted by Ann at 11:33 AM GMT

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