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Ann's diary » Archives » March 2006 » More travel

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Sunday, March 26th 2006 : "More travel"

I'm just home after more than a week in the west country. It started with a wonderful library event in Yate, near Bristol. Brilliant organisation from the staff, a sell out crowd and a responsive audience.

Then on to Bristol for Left Coast Crime. Murder Squad appeared on Thursday afternoon, while people were still trying to check in, but we all felt the gig worked well. John Baker couldn't be there, but still managed to steal the show - Cath's partner is a puppeteer and had made a puppet John for us.

I'm never sure what to make of the big conventions. It's lovely to catch up with old friends, but somehow they're very daunting. I feel as if I shouldn't really be there. Like some stranger who's walked in from the street.

Then it was out on the road with Margaret Murphy, meeting readers and promoting our books. Highlights for me were workshops in Weston-super-Mare and Stab in the Dark 2 in the Theatre Royal Plymouth.

Now I'm home. And there's no excuse at all for not starting the new Shetland novel.

Posted by Ann at 06:28 PM GMT

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