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Ann's diary » Archives » March 2006 » Games for Winter

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Sunday, March 5th 2006 : "Games for Winter"

Five years ago Left Coast Crime was held in Anchorage and I went, more to see Alaska than to attend the convention. They don't get many writers visiting Alaska and we were all given the chance to go out into the community to run workshops in schools and libraries. I was sent to a beautiful place called Gustavus in the Glacier National Park, and then ran a writers' workshop in a prison near Juneau. I don't send postcards or take photos, but do write short stories to remind me of places. GAMES FOR WINTER came out of the Gustavus experience and was published in the CWA anthology.

A couple of years later a young producer read the story and took out an option for a feature film. Nothing happened. That's the way of film and TV options. A flurry of activity and a little bit of money, then disappointment. But now it seems things are starting to happen to GAMES FOR WINTER. The option's been renewed and there's a director and an experienced script writer on the project. I'm trying not to get too excited...

Soon it'll be Left Coast Crime again - held for the first time in the UK, in Bristol.

Posted by Ann at 09:09 AM GMT

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