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Ann's diary » Archives » January 2006 » good news

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Monday, January 23rd 2006 : "good news"

In the run up to my trip to Shetland I've had a couple of good bits of news. First, on Friday, a wonderful early review in TRIBUNE of RAVEN BLACK. It's much harder than it used to be to get reviewed in the national press. I'm not sure how much difference this sort of review makes to sales but it's encouraging for me. And today I've found out that TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, the outreach project I led as reader in residence from the Harrogate Festival has been shortlisted for an Arts, Business and the Community Award. The project was sponsored by Theakston's and involved setting up reading groups in Theakston's pubs in rural North Yorkshire. It was a dream job - travelling round the Dales and talking about the books shortlisted for the Ottakar's/TOP award to drinkers. Thanks to Margaret, Martin and Rosemary for their help.

We're starting to get replies from people we've invited to the Lerwick launch party. I'm still nervous that people won't come or that they'll be offended that an outsider has dared to write about their community. Chatted to Marsali, a local writer, last night and that helped. And I keep checking the long term weather forecast. Definitely don't need a storm next Monday night when I head up on the Northlink.

Posted by Ann at 06:23 PM GMT

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