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In the autumn, Ann Cleeves sponsored a short film competition for young people in Shetland, to make a short film on the theme 'My Shetland'. "Not as altruistic as it might seem!" she says. "I felt that the people reading my books might be interested in seeing a personal perspective of the islands. I have no skills as a film maker myself, so it made sense to ask people who live there to do it for me. Here we have the winners."

"Aidan Nicol's Love Letters in the Sand is a tender portrait of a relationship over time; and Roseanne Watt's film Imagination a contemporary working of Shetland folk tales. And in both you see some of the amazing Shetland scenery. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do."

Credit is also due to Maddrim Media as a whole who were instrumental in helping Aidan and Roseanne make their films (view Maddrim Media's YouTube channel).