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In the autumn, Ann Cleeves sponsored a short film competition for young people in Shetland, to make a short film on the theme 'My Shetland'. "Not as altruistic as it might seem!" she says. "I felt that the people reading my books might be interested in seeing a personal perspective of the islands. I have no skills as a film maker myself, so it made sense to ask people who live there to do it for me. Here we have the winners."

(Click the triangle to play the film; click the four arrows below the image on the right to see the film at the full size of your screen).

"Aidan Nicol's Love Letters in the Sand is a tender portrait of a relationship over time; and Roseanne Watt's film Imagination a contemporary working of Shetland folk tales. And in both you see some of the amazing Shetland scenery. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do."

Credit is also due to Maddrim Media as a whole who were instrumental in helping Aidan and Roseanne make their films (view Maddrim Media's YouTube channel).