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Ann tweeted that "I had a fabulous tour of the US and Canada - thanks to all the terrific readers I met - but it's SO lovely to be home in my kitchen, drinking real tea." There's a taste of the tour in this video of Ann and Louise Penny in Toronto.

And don't forget that if none of Ann's appearances are near you, you can still buy a signed copy of any of her books, thanks to Forum Books of Corbridge: there's more information here.

Saturday 7th December, 11.00 am and 2.30 pm
Tea Talk at Live Theatre, presented by casting agency NE14.TV
The events will be livestreamed.

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In 2020...

Minerva 'Geographies of Crime' summer school

Ann will be Writer in Residence at the Minerva Summer School in Tuscany, Italy, May 29th - June 7th, 2020.

Blood on the Bannocks graphic

Ann Cleeves has written a murder mystery based around a traditional Shetland Sunday tea, especially for librarians and booksellers who would like to host their own murder mystery party. There's a script for four actors (with a guest appearance from detective Jimmy Perez), and - for a really authentic experience! - there are recipes for Shetland homebakes!

Look out for a 'Blood on the Bannocks' event near you - or find out how you can stage your own!